Along the shorelines of Hawaii many crabs species are present. The thin shelled rock crab or a'ama crab is probably the first one you will see, clinging to the rocks in the splash zone. The reef also home to some spectacular varieties from the tiny Hawaiian pom pom crab to giant sleepy sponge crabs. Caves and holes in the coral are great spots to find these often shy invertebrates.

Horn-eyed ghost crab. This species is a found in burrows along the beach.

Violet-eyed swimming crab. A nocturnal species found under rocks on the reef.

Aerolated xanthid crab. One of the most common crabs found in tidepools and under stones on the reef.

Convex crab. A fairly large crab found in holes in the coral.

7-11 crab. A large crab found in holes in the reef.

Horrid elbow crab. A fairly rare crab to see on the reef and very tricky to see in the coral rubble unless it moves.

Showy xanthid crab. Found inside cauliflower and antler coral.

Flat rock crab.

Blue-eyed rock crab.

Thin-shelled rock crab molt. The live animals are black in color and found along the splash one.

Hawaiian swimming crab.

Hawaiian pom pom crab. An endemic species can be found under stones on the reef. This crab uses anemones that it collects and carries around to use for defense.

Common box crab. This species is often spotted moving about in the sand, often with small flounders.

Knobby box crab eating a hermit crab.

Red guard crab. A species found in cauliflower coral and antler coral.

Unidentified crab species.

Unidentified species with eggs.

Hilo decorator crab.

Flotsam crab. A voyaging crab commonly found on marine debris.

Kona crab. A species that is a popular food crab in Hawaii but beware they have sharp spines and a razor sharp claw that will cut your hand.

Megalops (larval crab). This one was found in the pelagic zone.

Sleepy sponge crab. This large crab carries around a sponge on its back often creating a "walking reef look"