Moray Eels

Moray eels are very common in Hawaii, if you look closely you will see many. Studies have suggested that the number of moray eels living on the reef outweighs all the other reef fish combined. The biggest moray you are likely to see here is the yellowmargined moray. Snowflake morays are common to see out and about searching under stones for crabs and other invertebrates. Whitemouth morays can often be seen sticking their heads out of the coral. Peppered eels seem to prefer lagoons or shallow reefs. Night snorkeling is one of the best ways to observe these predators in action.

Dwarf moray showing off its baby blue eyes.

Dwarf moray in defense posture.

Whitemouth moray

Whitemouth moray (juvenile)

Yellowmargined moray

Yellowmargined moray (juvenile showing yellowmargined fin)

Stout moray

Stout moray

Tiger snake moray

Whitemouth moray (yellow phase)

Viper moray

Viper moray and Hawaiian swimming crab sharing a cave.

Snowflake moray

Peppered moray

Undulated moray

Undulated moray on the move.

Undulated moray with peppered eel looking on.

Yellowhead moray (showing striped pattern vs the undulated moray above).

Yellowhead moray in hunting position at night.Undulated moray showing beautiful pattern.

Yellowhead moray smile.

Dragon moray.

Zebra moray

Zebra moray.