Marine Mammals

Great care must be taken to give Hawaii's marine mammals space to be wild. Hawaii's spinner dolphins work the night shift and sleep by day so they need to be left alone when they are on the reef.  New regulations now demand that you move away from the area if Hawaiian spinner dolphins are present. Hawaiian monk seals are also protected by law and must be given space in the water and on the beach. 

Hawaiian spinner dolphin pod.

Jumping Hawaiian spinner dolphin juvenile.

Hawaiian spinner dolphins on the reef.

Hawaiian spinner dolphins sleeping.

Hawaiian spinner dolphins with baby.

Pantropical spotted dolphins in the blue water.

Bottlenose dolphin spout.

Bottlenose dolphins riding the waves.

False killer whale

Hawaiian monk seal Waimanu.

Hawaiian monk seal. This is Waimanu one of only a handful that live on the Big Island. 

Hawaiian monk seal. Waimanu enjoying the beach.

Pantropical spotted dolphins pod.

Pantropical spotted dolphins riding the wake.