Sharks and Rays

The Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii is famous for manta ray night snorkeling; this is an amazing way you can get close to the mantas while watching them feed on plankton that are drawn to the dive lights. I am always on the lookout for a manta ray "fly by" when I am out on the reef. Manta rays are some of the most graceful animals you could ever imagine. Spotted eagle rays are seen digging in the sand for heart urchins and other buried invertebrates.  Whitetip reef sharks can be seen in caves and overhangs on deeper reefs. Oceanic whitetip sharks can be found in the pelagic zone. Many tiger sharks frequent Kona's Honokohau harbor where divers love to visit them day and night!!!

Reef manta ray feeding at the surface. 

Reef manta showing unique belly pattern.

Reef manta ray soars over the coral.

Reefmanta ray feeding on the surface.

Reef manta ray feeding  in a pod of spinner dolphins.

Spotted eagle ray digging for urchins.

Spotted eagle ray glides over the reef.

Looking like a stealth bomber this spotted eagle ray flys over the coral reef.

Whitetip reef shark with sand ripples.

Whitetip reef shark cruising the reef.

Whitetip reef shark resting in a cave.

Whitetip reef sharks in the safety of a cave.

Oceanic whitetip shark sizing up the photographer.

Oceanic whitetip shark with pilotfish.

Tiger shark at Maui Aquarium.