Invertebrates are found in so many forms on the reef... coral, jellyfish, crabs, snails, slugs, sponges, shrimp, lobsters, sea stars, urchins, octopus and millions more.  

Dwarf star. A species that is fairly common under stones in tide pools and shallow reefs.

Spotted linckia

Sheriff's badge star

Fisher's star (endemic species)

Mottled brittlestar

Cusion star

Blue dragon nudibranch. Preys on the Portuguese  man o' war and steals the toxins for it's own defense.

Day octopus. these amazing animals can change color and texture in the blink of an eye.

Day octopus(same animal as above one second later)

Hawaiian tiger cowry

Snapping shrimp. One of the loudest animals on earth, they make a popping sound as they snap their oversize claw to stun prey items. They do this by making a  jet of water that is fast enough to make a bubble that then pops and makes a load noise created by extreme pressures producing temperatures that can reach thousands of degrees Celsius.

Marbled shrimp

Indian mud shrimp

Hawaiian tiger cowry with mantle showing.

Slate pencil urchin

Lined fire worm

Night octopus